And nothing makes us happier than this Vegan Mint Chip Ice Cream. We use single-origin, dark chocolate chips, so you can taste their true flavor profile. We add in a little pure peppermint extract and (chef’s kiss). With tongue.
Chewy cookie dough. Generous amounts of single-origin, dark chocolate chips. A pinch of sea salt. It’s the pint you’ve always wanted. If you wanted a pint of chewy cookie dough, dark chocolate chips, and sea salt.
Oregon-grown strawberries. Delicately picked at peak ripeness. Then shoved into a dark alley where oats get to work initiating strawberries into the ice cream gang.
Stout oat milk ice cream with peanut brittle and praline pretzel pieces.
Vegan base with peanut butter & single-origin, dark chocolate chips.
Tahitian vanilla vegan ice cream swirled with strawberry jam and crumbles of gluten-free oat cookies.